Choker Trend – Yes or No?

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choker trend 2017

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Choker trend (for necklaces) started the last year and it is still going strong. I remember wearing choker necklaces when I was 10 and here we are, wearing choker in 2017. Who would have said?

The past trends keep coming back. Who knows what’s next?

But until a future fashion trend will catch us by surprise let’s slice and dice the choker trend and start by answering the question in the title.

Well, here’s what I think about chokers: YES for blouses and NO for necklaces.

Choker blouses – YES

I couldn’t see myself wearing a choker blouse either, but as a fashion blogger, I decided I had to, at least, try wearing it. After all, you can’t be a good chef if you don’t like a lot of ingredients and if you don’t taste your food. Ask Gordon Ramsay, he should know that better than anyone. 😛

So, I bought this 10 $ choker from Zara reducing to almost zero the risk of buying a wrong item and the pangs of guilt from purchasing clothes that will never see the daylight. Guess what?! I love it!!! I love the way it looks with a pair of high-waisted or mom jeans and some casual or even sporty shoes. I really enjoyed the 80s look. Was I born in the wrong time period? Hmmm, maybe. But then, I love trying new styles. So, as soon as the choker trend becomes outdated I will find another one to fall in love with. After all, I am a fashion blogger. 😛

I choose a beige oversized jacket (to match my 80s side), but a black leather jacket would have also looked great. Voila, a simple spring outfit you should definitely try until the summer heat arrives.

Choker necklaces – NO

So, it’s a YES for blouses, but I can’t get used to choker necklaces. I like how they look on others, it’s sexy. And to me, it kind of says “Hey, I am so young I can wear choker necklaces”. But, I share the idea I read these days on the internet: it makes me feel like I were in the sixth grade. Young is great, but 6th grade? I don’t wanna go that back. 😛

But that’s my point of view. What do you think about chokers? Leave your comments below. 😉

Below you can shop my wardrobe, but if you want more outfit inspiration you can shop my Instagram looks. 😉

xx, Ghintare



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