About in Fashion and War

Image of Ghintare Survilaite, founder of In Fashion and War, a fashion and lifestyle blog.

Hy there! This is both about In Fashion and War and about me – Ghintare Survilaite, the fashion enthusiast behind it. As you have already noticed I have this huge passion for fashion – the reason you are now reading the about section of my own fashion blog. I still cannot believe I did this. : )

So, a few words about me…

I am half Moldovian, half Lithuanian with Romanian origins living in Italy (the country hosting one of the “big four” fashion capitals in the industry) and having this love affair with everything fashion related. Fashion is an old passion of mine, but recently I decided to take this interest to the next level.

I studied economics, got my masters degree in Business Administration, had a couple of full-time jobs in my field, only to realize that I want my professional life to relate to my passion. So, I made the first step and created my own fashion blog – a place to share my ideas and, why not, be a source of inspiration for those sharing the same interests with me.

And, a few words about In Fashion and War…

You will find here a lot of tips and tricks on how to dress on different occasions or how to style different clothing items. You will get a glimpse at my outfits and see the new fashion trends through my “fashion lenses”.

There is also a place here for those who want to create their own fashion or beauty blog. I will tell you about my experience and help you save some time, money and effort along the way. And remember: “If you really want to do something, go get it. Period.”

If you want to know more about me or my blog do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to hearing from you!

Enjoy reading and don’t forget to subscribe if you want some more ; )